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9 May 2013 | Professional Indemnity Insurance Qld
If you or your business provides professional services or advice to clients in Queensland you could be financial exposed if something goes wrong. Protection is available thankfully in the form of professional indemnity insurance.

30 April 2013 | Professional Indemnity Insurance Cost
Do you know how much professional indemnity insurance should be costing your business? In this guide we look at some of the factors affecting the cost of professional indemnity cover.

23 April 2013 | Consultants Insurance
Consultants of all kinds can be open to legal action if the advice they provide to a client results in a loss for the client. Consultants can protect themselves from this risk with PI insurance.

11 April 2013 | What is Professional Indemnity Insurance
In this guide we take a look at what professional indemnity insurance is and what it actually covers for business owners.


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